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Advance Healthcare Directives  

(“Healthcare Power of Attorney”)

If you become seriously injured or ill, you should decide in advance who is going to make healthcare decisions on your behalf. Having an Advance Healthcare Directive (“Healthcare Power of Attorney”) will help ensure your preferences are respected because only the person who you chose will be able to make healthcare decisions for you. This will also help prevent conflict among your family members who might disagree on who should have the final say to make these decisions for you. For example, picture your husband fighting with your mother over who should decide whether or not your doctor will perform a risky medical procedure.  

 You should choose someone who knows your core values and beliefs, and who will make decisions similar to those you would make for yourself. You can specify that you want your Healthcare Representative to consult with specific family members or loved ones before reaching their final decision.

 Your Healthcare Representative will only step in to make these decisions if a physician has determined you are not fit to make these decisions for yourself. Your Healthcare Representative is not responsible to pay for your treatment, including treatment that they authorized on your behalf.

Advance Healthcare Directives
Advance Healthcare Directives


2640 Route 70, Building #4

Manasquan, NJ 08736